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  • Youth Soccer
  • Katy Youth SoccerKids count more than scores.
  • Kids Soccer HoustonPlayers rotate into every position!
  • Youth Soccer HoustonPositive Coaching and encouraging parents
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  • Houston Youth Soccer Leagues'Cause you know kids love parades.
  • Youth Soccer LeaguesOrange you having a great time?
Youth Soccer1 Katy Youth Soccer2 1 Kids Soccer Houston2 Youth Soccer Houston1 Houston Youth Soccer Leagues2 Youth Soccer Leagues2
  • 5 Per Side Soccer
  • Much Ball Contact
  • Everyone Learns Fast
  • Very Safe Rules
  • Great Exercise
  • Develop Coordination
  • Equal Playing Time
  • Play Every Position
  • Balanced / Coed Teams
  • Everyone Included
  • NO Tryouts / All Stars
  • Special Kids Included
  • Trophy To Every Player
  • Kids May Keep Score
  • Positive Coach Training
  • Positive Parent Education
  • Encouraging Comments
  • Everyone Is Respected!
“Children with no soccer experience feel loved and accepted on an FFPS team...”
“I've been coaching with FFPS for 4 years and it's been a really positive experience.”
“The kids are all so wonderful. It was a joy just seeing all of the smiles from week to week!”
“[FFPS is] an atmosphere where the kids can shine without feeling pressure!”
“I LOVE the positive attitude and support that parents are showing their kids in FFPS!”
Cate L.