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“Children with no soccer experience feel loved and accepted on an FFPS team...”
“I've been coaching with FFPS for 4 years and it's been a really positive experience.”
“The kids are all so wonderful. It was a joy just seeing all of the smiles from week to week!”
“[FFPS is] an atmosphere where the kids can shine without feeling pressure!”
“I LOVE the positive attitude and support that parents are showing their kids in FFPS!”
Cate L.

Still Not Convinced... Listen to Our Parents!

I love what FFPS does for the kids. The low-pressure environment really supports their love for the game of soccer and ensures that everyone walks away with a smile and their head held high.


Our kids love the positive environment in which they can participate and try their best without fear of failure. It is a great way to be introduced into team sports and competitive play.

Ben O.

This has been a wonderful experience and I will do it again without a doubt!

Brad F.

I like the overall structure, it is fun and easy to follow and the kids have so much fun.

Edgar L.

FFPS brings children and parents together. It gives everyone an opportunity to learn from one another and really gives meaning to the term *TEAM*. Great experience. :)

Susana S.

I enjoyed participating as a coach and I think the kids really enjoyed it.

Calvin D.

It was my first year as a parent and as a coach. I must say that it is a very well organized league and the kids have a lot of fun!!

Mario A.

Equal playing time for the kids is a great way to get them started into soccer. The fellow coaches were great in helping me understand some of the nuances of coaching and FFPS. A great experience overall.

Chandresh P.


Let's Have Some Fun on the Soccer Field!