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Current Openings

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Ft. Bend East

Limited Openings

We are now accepting late registrations, but don't worry, it's not too late to sign up in certain areas! Check the grid below to see if we have immediate openings. Placement may be limited in certain areas and age groups.

What Can I Do If There Are No Openings?

Click here for other options, we may be able to offer.

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Year of Birth

What to Do If There Are No Openings in Your Age Group

If there are no openings in your age group, try searching for another league nearby. If you can't find another league (or that league's age group is full), you can sign up and go on the wait list.

If there are more than 3 on the wait list, you may want to explore if you meet the Play Up/Down Age Groups exceptions, as there may be availability in other age groups. Then, check to see if there are openings below or above your year of birth. If so, please call FFPS Staff at 713-898-3877 to see if we might be able to help further.