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Health Concerns

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Information Regarding the FFPS Fall 2020 Season and COVID-19

Dear FFPS Parents:
Thank you or your support and patience during this most trying of times,

Spring / Summer Season CANCELED:

After an extensive examination of Gov. Abbott's "Minimum Standard Health "Protocols" announced May 18, 2020 (see below Gov. Abbot's "Protocols") and many other factors, FFPS feels it is best to "Cancel" the Spring / Summer Season. We were so hoping things could get back to normal 'for the kids"!!! Gov. Abbott's 'protocols' are in the right direction but not yet back to normal "for the kids" and our FFPS families. We feel a Summer Soccer Camp would be much better and more appropriate at this time. We highly recommend our Challenger International Summer Soccer Camp. For more info go to

Fall Season Planned:
FALL SEASON SCHEDULE!! Please sign up at
Coach Calls / Email Sent to Parents: Coach Info / First Practice / Parent Meeting: Oct. 20 – 24
First game - Oct. 31
Last Game - Dec. 19
(Note: Games Played Thanksgiving Week - Nov 26)

We are living in most unusual times!!! FFPS will adopt all safety measures regarding COVID-19 being recommended by the CDC and local officials at the time we begin playing so kids can play safely. Let's "LET THE KIDS PLAY (safely)"!!!!!!!!!! SO, PLEASE SIGN UP!!!!!!! WE NEED PLAYERS TO PLAY!!!!!!!! TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO SIGN UP!!!!!!!!!

Tell-A-Friend About FFPS:
Did you know 33% find out and sign up for FFPS due to a friend? You are the best way people learn about FFPS. Please tell your friends about FFPS. Thanks! BTW:​ The deadline for friend requests is 9/23. See below for friend request policies and procedures or go to "Parent Info".

GO TO: "My FFPS", "My Account", Input your FFPS ID NO., Input your PWD: Note: PWD is not provided for security reasons. If you forgot your password, reset it.

SPRING 2020 Refund / Credit - Deadline July 15:
Please see our updated Refund / Credit Policy below. We can only offer a Credit for any season in the future with a few exceptions for refunds - see below. To receive Credit or request a Refund you must apply by July 15 at Or call Annette at 281-347-5425 (KICK) x917 or Kathlyn at x913.

New Refund / Credit Policy – as of 5/20/20
STANDARD Refund/Credit:

If paid in full, and season canceled or I chose not to participate, for named individual(s FFPS will provide a 100% CREDIT to any future FFPS League in the future (if partial games played FFPS will determine if pro-rated amount applies).

If I had a '2 payment plan', and the season is canceled or I chose not to participate, for named individual(s), FFPS will provide a 50% CREDIT to any FFPS League in the future (if partial games played FFPS will determine if pro-rated amount applies).

If I choose to not obtain a Credit Credit by the deadline FFPS will assume I prefer to donate my fee to FFPS Financial Scholarship Fund to help others. Thank you for your generosity.

No credit or refund for those who already received a scholarship.

ALTERNATIVE Refund/Credit:

Refund Exceptions:

  1. If moved away more than 30 miles from any FFPS location and my child misses Up To 50% Of Games.
  2. If Sick Or Injured And My Child Misses Up To 50% Of Games:
  3. If No Opening After Teams Formed And Placed On "Wait List".
  4. If received email from FFPS that your child(ren) is "4 or more years of birth older than youngest player".
  5. If too old or too young according to FFPS age policy.
  6. If an immediate and severe financial need, apply for Financial Need Scholarship/Refund at
GENERAL Refund Policies:

There are no refunds for any other reasons including dissatisfied team assignment, friend request denied, age of teams (too old or too young), practice or game conflicts, or any delays in communicating with your Coach, or if your team has no coach yet. If my coach does not contacted you by the 'latest coach call date' (see season schedule) I am obligated and responsible to locate contact information and contact my coach call the FFPS Hotline at 281-347-5425 (KICK) x913 or x911 to locate my coach for my child. I understand FFPS is a volunteer program locally so, i have a responsibility to help the team in any way i can, even if my team has no coach yet.

Presidential Disaster Declaration:

When there is a Presidential Disaster Declaration, or Presidential Declared National Emergency, or State Declared Declaration, or State Declared Emergency, Refund requests will be accepted but not considered until FFPS’s financial viability is determined". FFPS may adjust its Refund Policy at that time to ensure its financial viability. We would appreciate your understanding when this occurs.

Thanks for choosing and supporting FFPS: a most positive and wholesome organization "for the kids".

We hope to see you on the soccer field soon!!!


Jack Hendrie
Executive Director
Fun-Fair-Positive Soccer