Late Refund - Fun-Fair-Positive Soccer (FFPS)
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“Children with no soccer experience feel loved and accepted on an FFPS team...”
“I've been coaching with FFPS for 4 years and it's been a really positive experience.”
“The kids are all so wonderful. It was a joy just seeing all of the smiles from week to week!”
“[FFPS is] an atmosphere where the kids can shine without feeling pressure!”
“I LOVE the positive attitude and support that parents are showing their kids in FFPS!”
Cate L.

Late Refund

Sorry, but the time to request a refund for this season has expired.

FFPS policy states that ALL refunds MUST be requested by the 4th game. However, if you feel there was some mistake made or your situation is unique, you may still attempt to request a refund by clicking "Submit Late Refund" below.

NOTE: You must include an explanation in the "Reason for Refund" box in the information page. We will review and determine whether there is a basis for the refund within 3-4 weeks after submitting your request. Thank You for your interest in FFPS!