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Sponsor Info

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Team Sponsorship (*Required)

Why is This Required?

FFPS requires each team in our Fall and Spring Seasons to obtain a sponsor. Sponsors can be either business sponsored or parent sponsored (self-sponsored). Check out our tips on getting a business sponsor!

Option 1 - Business Sponsored

We recommend you seek a business sponsor for your team. There are great benefits for vendors and other businesses you may know - plus it's easy to obtain a business sponsor, you just have to ask!

  • Business Sponsor - $420
    • Business pays $420 due on Picture Day

Businesses (or contributor) benefits include:
  1. Plaque with team picture (great for the office wall)! Plaques are provided at the last game.
  2. Business name on team shirts (see vendor instructions by clicking a League on the right)
  3. Name in FFPS newsletter (provided at the last games)

Sponsor Forms are available at www.ffps.org/SponsorForm

Option 2 - Parent Sponsored

  • Parent Sponsor - $45 / Player
    • Parent pays $45 per player due Picture Day (bring check)

      Note: Parent sponsored teams must negotiate with the vendor if the team wants ANYTHING put onto their shirts. This will be an additional expense.

Sponsor Forms are available at www.ffps.org/SponsorForm

Why REQUIRE a Sponsor Program?

  • Our initial fee covers only 75% of the cost per player. The sponsor fee covers the rest of the cost.
  • FFPS has NO other fund raising programs and relies only on its Sponsor Program to provide this additional portion of the fees needed to pay all the costs for each player.
  • FFPS conducted a survey of all FFPS families and 99% said they prefer a sponsor program to selling candy and paying a higher fee up front. FFPS publishes our Sponsor Program in all literature to make parents FULLY aware of it.
  • 80% Of teams find a business sponsor making FFPS more affordable and more affordable

How To Locate A Business Sponsor (It's Easy!)

  • ASK the company you work for
  • ASK where you shop/eat frequently. ie: McDonalds, Firestone, etc.
  • ASK where you spent considerable money recently, ie: Car, Dentist, Dr., etc.
  • ASK a friend or relative who owns a business or manages a business.
  • ASK a neighbor who owns a business or has access to funds for sponsorships at work.
If team does not pay 100% of fees due PRIOR to pictures, pictures may NOT be taken. Sponsor Fees are due whether pictures taken or not. The purchase of pictures is optional and not part of the FFPS Program.