Why FFPS - Fun-Fair-Positive Soccer (FFPS)
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“Children with no soccer experience feel loved and accepted on an FFPS team...”
“I've been coaching with FFPS for 4 years and it's been a really positive experience.”
“The kids are all so wonderful. It was a joy just seeing all of the smiles from week to week!”
“[FFPS is] an atmosphere where the kids can shine without feeling pressure!”
“I LOVE the positive attitude and support that parents are showing their kids in FFPS!”
Cate L.

Girls and Boys (Ages 4* to 18)

Note: 4-year-olds should turn 5 by 12/31/2024

We welcome everyone to Fun-Fair-Positive Soccer (FFPS) with open arms! Girls and boys from ages 4* to 18 can join in the fun. Co-ed teams are important to us, and that's why FFPS teams include 45% girls and 55% boys. Your child will make new friends and have a great time on the field!

More info on the Parent Info page

Full Uniform and Trophy

Every player gets a top-notch, full uniform including a jersey, shorts and socks to start everyone off on the right foot (or left if you're a lefty). At the end of the season, every player receives a really cool trophy that shows how valuable they are and serves as a reminder of their FFPS experience.

Because at Fun-Fair-Positive Soccer, every player counts! More info on how we value our players on the Parent Info page

Local Games - No Travel

Traveling for games can be exhausting - that's one reason why our Saturday games are played right in your local area. And because we play at local schools or parks, you build relationships with people in your neighborhood. Stronger community means more friends for kids - and for parents too!

Hooray for that!

Convenient Practices - Once Per Week!

We know life is busy and we aim to respect the busy schedules of families, especially those with larger families and various commitments. That's why teams practice only once per week. Hooray! Plus, seeing your teammates for practice during the week builds stronger relationships ON and OFF the field. More info on practices is on the Parent Info page

What a wonderful win-win situation!

FUN Always Wins!

With 5 a side soccer, each player gets lots of ball time. More time with the ball means more smiles and fun - so your child has a blast IN the action of the game! Kids love FFPS because they get to kick, dribble, and shoot the ball all the time! Lots of action, means lots of fun and great exercise for the kids!

Info on the "Fun" behind FFPS is on the Parent Info page

FAIR Means Fair

FFPS is about playing and having fun in the game! FFPS uses a unique technology to "balance" every team, so that the teams are well-matched for action on the field and at the goal. And with our specially-designed "Equal Substitution System," we ensure that each player rotates to every position and plays equally in every game. It's a fantastic way to play!

More about our FAIR play is on the Parent Info page

POSITIVE Environment!

Players, parents and coaches catch the positive spirit of FFPS quickly - it's ingrained in the FFPS mission and lived out on the field. We serve up a double-helping of positive training to our volunteers and our parents! In FFPS, every player's contribution is important. That means hearing "Great!" and "Nice!" every time they play. And players learn good behavior and positive values that will last a lifetime.

At FFPS, every child wins! More about our POSITIVE environment is on the Parent Info page


Let's Have Some Fun on the Soccer Field!

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